Reactive Stains

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FLORALCA Reactive Stains has been formulated to react with the tannic acids in the wood, especially white oak, to achieve intriguing color tones that cannot be produced with conventional stains. When combined with FLORALCA Interior OiL this product will allow professional and amateur wood finishers to create wood-looks that range from antique to modern looking. For more information, check out our Documents and Videos.

Fumed 1 Raw
Fumed 1 Clear
Fumed 1 White 20%
Fumed 2 Raw
Fumed 2 Clear
Fumed 2 White 20%
Smoked A1 Raw
Smoked B1 Raw
Smoked A2 Raw
Smoked B2 Raw
Smoked A3 Raw
Smoked B3 Raw
Smoked A1 Bone
Smoked B1 Bone
Smoked A2 Bone
Smoked B2 Bone
Smoked A3 Bone
Smoked B3 Bone

Coverage is about 100 to 150 sq. ft/Liter

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